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International Sports Betting
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International Sports Betting

The most popular online sports betting activity is on horse racing followed by football and then tennis. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, sports betting has become global so that you are no longer restricted to betting on what is happening at home, you can bet on sporting events that take place in just about anywhere in the world and you can also take the advantage of free betting at various bookmaker sites.

As sports betting developed in parallel in different parts of the world, betting markets can differ significantly and one way in which they do and which can cause a considerable amount of confusion is how betting odds are expressed.

The most common ways of expressing betting odds are decimal odds, which are common in the UK, fractional odds which are common throughout Europe, United States odds, Hong Kong odds, Indonesian odds and Malaysian odds.

With fractional odds, which are expressed as a ration between winnings and stake (for instance 8/1) the stake is returned in addition to the winning so if 1.00 is bet at 8/1 then 9.00 is returned.

Decimal odds are expressed as a decimal fraction (say 8.0) and the return of the stake is implicit so 1.00 staked at 8.0 returns just 8.00. US odds are expressed as money lines and are assigned positive and negative values. Odds assigned a positive value (such as +200) mean that 100 staked would return 200. Odds assigned a negative value (such as -300) show how much you would need to bet in order to win 100. This means that odds expressed as 4/1 in the UK, 5.0 in Europe and +400 in the US are all identical.

Hong Kong odds work in the same way as fractional odds in the UK but the fraction is expressed as a decimal. Thus fractional odds of 3/2 are the same as Hong Kong odds of 1.5. With Hong Kong odds the stake is returned on top of the winnings. Note that if these odds were expressed as a European fraction they would be 2.5.

Indonesian odds are the same as US odds divided by 100 but the positive numbers are implied rather than expressed. Negative Indonesian odds show the amount of money that must be staked to win the amount stated. With Malaysian odds, when they are positive they are the same as Hong Kong odds, but when they are negative they are odds-on bets and show the decimal expression of European fractional odds.
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